Our Fired Larch Range

Our “Fired Larch” Range currently features 4 different products. Our Square Pillar Candle Set, Tall Pillar Candles, 5 Heart Candle Set, and our Candle Dice.

We start off by cutting and shaping the wood, then drilling the holes to take the candles. The next (and most fun) stage is FIRE🔥we burn the wood with a gas torch to char the wood. Following this, we clean the wood with a wire brush. This removes the soft, charred areas, leaving the harder grain raised. The finial stage is applying a coat of high quality wax, which gives the wood its unique shine and smooth feel.

We are currently developing some fabulous new designs to add to the range, which we hope you all will love.

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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently working on a 6 week lead time on ALL Timber products for order turn around.

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